Elia beach

Elia is a long thin beach south of Nikiti, just after Kalogria & Spathies. A forest of alternating pine and olive trees climbs down Mt. Itamos and meets the sea in Elia. The trees bend over the narrow coastline creating a dramatic landscape. Into the forest, there are numerous accommodation facilities among Athena Palace, a premium hotel at the entrance of the beach area.

The beach is virtually a straight line, which is mostly uncommon for Sithonia. The trees reach very close to the sea standing on a higher level and bending towards it. Therefore the shoreline is narrow with limited space for visitors in most part of the beach which is typically accessed via stairway paths in between the trees. However the sea is excellent, very clear and uncrowded. There are stones on the sea bed which occasionally hide sea urchins, so you should take care.