Agios Ioannis

This is a beach that may inspire you, a beach you could get in love with without understanding it. A long straight beach it is, which is pretty unusual for Sithonia. Here the mountainous terrain of the peninsula is not yet dominant. So you get a rather linear impression when traveling south from Nikiti to Agios Ioannis. The road follows a long straight line and then you see the signs to the beach. You turn right and after some tens of meters of dirt road, you find your self on the long beach which is vertical to the main road.

This 90 degree relation between the beach and the road allows for beautiful panorama views of the beach, especially from a hill just above it when the road starts to take its turns again.

Back to the beach, you will find lots of space, thin white sand and green blue water which tends to deepen rather sharply in some areas of the beach. There are two bars by the beach that provide drinks, snacks, umbrellas and sun beds.

Access is easy and there is a lot of parking space. The beach is just 5km from Nikiti and of course there are other very nice beaches around like Kalogria, Koviou and Castri. Therefore, Agios Ioannis is a must if you stay in Nikiti or the surrounding area. Go there and stay for a while. Only when you left you will realize how much you miss it!